What is it:

The DUO CEL-CEM set includes a CELPhi and a CEMPhi.

The CELPhi Holographic Protector calibrates microwave emissions and high-frequency electromagnetic fields from cell phones, tablets, ipads, notebooks and PCs.

It protects our vital centers, from the radiations that can alter the heart rate and brain function.


Placed on the battery of the cell phone, it avoids that the microwaves emitted and received by the cell phone affect our brain and vital centers.



Self-adhesive hologram.

The CEMPhi card is to carry in your wallet or pocket.

Protects from environmental pollutants that surround us in daily life, such as electromagnetic waves, radio waves, wi fi, and others that when interacting with the human body, increase the static electric charge, fatigue, anxiety and stress.


Indispensable when we use electronic equipment all day, especially if we wear them on the body and work with them.



Laminated polystyrene.




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