What is it:

The CELPhi Holographic Protector calibrates and protects against electromagnetic radiation (EM) from high frequency fields and microwaves from mobile phones, tabletS, IpadS, notebooks, laptops and PCs, MP3 players, PDAs, Pocket PCs or any other electronic device laptop.


  • Placed on the battery of the chosen device, it avoids that the microwaves emitted and received by the same affect our brain and vital centers. It guarantees a reduction of tension and fatigue when working with electronic equipment.
  • It prevents our body from being affected by EM radiation from the device, which can alter heart rate and brain function.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of occupational diseases among users of computers, telephones and other electronic equipment.
  • Indispensable when we use the cell phone all day, especially if we carry it on the body.
  • CELPhi does not reduce the quality of reception of the signal, it optimizes it avoiding its collateral actions.

How to use:

Take off the CELPhi and adhere on the cell phone / equipment battery, or place between the device and its housing or protective case. It is placed vertically, along the device.

In laptops or tablets it is advisable to place 2 CELPhi units, at the ends of the battery, in this case horizontally.


Self-adhesive hologram.


3 x 5 cm.




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