What is it:

The CODES are used in Energy Techniques on the physical body and the subtle body. They clear energetic drainages. Restore the physical and mental balance. They expand the auric field and protect it from external agents. They channel multifrequency energy from 5th to 12th dimension. They clear energetic drainages caused by negative thoughts and feelings, miasmas, or blockages to the entry of light in the energy field.

When used in space, it releases dense or static energies and reconverts them into photon light fields that eliminate any vestige of darkness.

They gather with the Life Force and the Source from the Void of the Point Zero.


It works on the exocrine glands: sweat, lacrimal, salivary, sebaceous, mammary and pancreas (2). Modulates the sympathetic nervous system. Connects with the SOURCE at higher levels of consciousness as well as the other Codes.


Copper or Aluminum with Silver spheres.

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