What is it:

The Arquimia Hoops are instruments made of helical aluminum wire, with a coil as a closure of the same material.

They are available in 3 different diameters (D) for you to choose according to the use or space to calibrate: D1: 15 cm / D2: 20 cm / D3: 30 cm.

They are Calibrators of subtle energies of low vibration and technopathies. In Being and Space.

They can be used to increase the biotic or life level in water, beverages, foods, gems, vegetables, animals and humans. They are effective in healing and reconstituting tissues. They calm many pains. They protect from the harmful waves among which we move daily. They can be a basic instrument for ultilizar in the corporal energetic harmonization. The larger ones are used to sit inside, meditate, or scan the whole body to revitalize it. Improve memory and intellectual performance used in the neck or on the head.

They also modulate the frequency emitted by electromagnetic fields generated by electrical installations, sound equipment, PC units, printers, monitors, CPUs, UPS, televisions, videos, DVDs, microwaves, cell phones, and electromagnetic fields from abroad.


HOOP I: It calms physical pains and accelerates the healing of tissues. Place the necessary time on the affected area.

To harmonize from a distance place a photo inside the ring.

HOOP II: Increase the frequency of water, food and gems, calibrate subtle energies. Place the objects inside the Ring.

Used as a necklace, it balances the cerebral hemispheres, increases concentration when reading or studying.

Relieves migraines and neck and back pain.

HOOP III: To scan the entire body to revitalize it.

Place under stretcher in sessions of reiki, balancing, massages, etc.

On the window or wall creates a protective field of EMC.


Aluminum / Copper

Arquimia® Hoop

Diameter / Hoop Type


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